Advance Dental Technology in Fresno, CA | Michael Long DDS

Your comfort and health is of utmost importance to us. Hence, at Michael G. Long D.D.S, we employ the most advanced forms of dental technology to assess and treat all kinds of oral health problems. All of them are highly innovative and are designed to deliver exact and exceptional results in the most safe and non-invasive manner. All of this helps us offer our patients a positive dental care experience.

Digital X-rays

To look for deeper damage and less visible decay, we use digital X-rays. This technology helps us carry out accurate diagnosis of underlying oral diseases. This also helps in delivering timely and effective dental treatments. At Michael G. Long D.D.S. we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most comfortable and quality treatments with the help of sophisticated X-ray technology which provides clear dental photos while exposing patients to minimal radiation.


We use a buffered anesthetic for our dental injections, which is employed by a small percentage of dental practices in the US.

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