Root Canal Treatment in Fresno, CA | Michael Long DDS

Root canal treatment can save you the trouble of a tooth extraction. If you have a diseased or injured tooth it can severely impact your oral health. Chances are that this tooth can be saved with the help of our root canal procedures. We use the latest dental technology and the most advanced techniques to ensure that your root canal treatment is stress-free, minimally invasive and comfortable.

When Is Root Canal Treatment a Good Option?

Not every painful cue means you need to undergo a root canal procedure. But your dentist may choose to do a root canal treatment if you:

  • Have a deep cavity which cannot be filled and it has infected the dental pulp.
  • Have a cracked or broken tooth.
  • Experience sharp pain and tenderness in teeth.
  • Have prominent swelling around an infected tooth or teeth.
  • Feel increased sensitivity while eating anything cold or sweet.
  • Experience tooth pain which gradually spreads to the ears and causes a headache.

What Can You Expect During the Treatment?

We understand your concerns regarding dental treatments like root canal and take every measure to provide you the best possible care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. A general root canal treatment involves the following phases:
root canal treatment

  • Your tooth is numbed so that you don’t feel any discomfort or pain. A thin latex rubber sheet is placed on the tooth to keep it dry. An opening is created to access the pulp chamber.
  • The tooth’s infected pulp is removed from the canal and each root canal is cleaned and shaped.
  • Medicine is placed in the dental pulp chamber and the root canal to eliminate bacteria.
  • The root canal are sealed with a rubber-like material.
  • A temporary filling is placed in the tooth to prevent contamination of the root canal.
  • The temporary filling is removed in the last stage and the tooth is restored with a crown or a filling to improve its strength and appearance.
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