How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Benefit Your Psychological Health

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benefits of cosmetic dentistry on psychological health

Most of us aren’t happy with our teeth. Crooked, chipped or discolored teeth can affect the psychological health in more ways than an individual can realize. Low confidence, poor self-esteem and even depression in some cases can be the outcomes of imperfect teeth or smile.

If you too hesitate from smiling or feel less confident in speaking in your personal or professional circles, cosmetic dentistry is the right solution for you.

Mentioned below are some of the powerful ways in which cosmetic dentistry can benefit your psychological health.

    • A boost in confidence is one of the biggest benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments. After procedures such as teeth straightening, whitening or replacing missing teeth, people can feel more confident about their smiles. A confident person is more likely to attract and influence other people. Positive attitude and a great smile give an impression of happiness, success and overall attractiveness. On professional front, an assertive and confident persona can open many doors of opportunities. Companies are always on the lookout for people who exude confidence because they seem more capable of handling the job responsibilities.
    • Your self-esteem is greatly improved as you find your confidence growing with healthy teeth and an improved smile. You no longer find yourself hiding away from others or feeling hesitant to smile your best. It has been proven that smiling releases ‘feel-good’ hormones which make you feel more positive.
    • You may also appear a few years younger by improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and gums with the help of cosmetic dentistry procedures. This can especially help people with low self-esteem and even depression as looking a few years younger can make them feel more assured about themselves. With passing age, dental erosion and discoloration of teeth become more prominent. Enamel – the outermost protective layer of tooth gets worn out. This may be because of several reasons such as some medications, particular drinking and eating habits, smoking, certain diseases, genetics etc. Also, such teeth with eroded enamel become more prone to damage such as chipping. Cosmetic dentistry can help you fix such issues with quick, less expensive and effective treatments. If you are missing some of your teeth, as you age your jawline tends to sag. Thus making you look older than you actually are. With certain cosmeticdentistry procedures, not only can your replace missing teeth, but also uplift the jawline to give your face a younger look.
    • As a result of improved self-esteem and self-confidence, people tend to become more outgoing socially. They feel secured and are able to make a positive influence on others. As a result of this, they enjoy improved relationships and have better chances of enhancing the personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Modern psychology has affirmed that our mental outlook on life is highly connected with our physical appearance. The way our teeth are, matters a lot when it comes to our body image. Hence, rectifying damaged or imperfect teeth can work wonders for your mental health also.

If you too are experiencing depression or confidence issues because of imperfect teeth or smile, call us. Our team of experts at Michael Long DDS, are experienced in providing excellent cosmetic dentistry treatments for perfect smiles. Schedule an appointment now.

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